Make Your Domain Whois Checks Quicker with Chrome Omnibox

Make Your Domain Whois Checks Quicker with Chrome Omnibox

I have been using this method from a year, and this recent question by a friend on Facebook has made me write this post to share this little Chrome trick, so that you can do your future Domain name Whois checks faster in your browser.




You can make your future Domain Whois checks quicker while using Chrome browser with this method, and all this requires you to do is to add a new custom search engine to your Chrome browser, and you can do quick whois checks using Chrome’s Omnibox, the URL bar on top.


Step 1

In your Google Chrome browser, open this settings page which allows you to manage and create Search Engines.

(copy, paste this in a new tab)

Step 2

Enter these details in the given input fields.


Add a new search engine: Whois Instant
Keyword: whois
URL with %s in place of query:

and hit ENTER.

Step 3


Now in your Chrome’s omnibox write “whois“, hit spacebar, then write the domain name which you want to check, for e.g., “” and hit enter, or while pressing the ALT key hit Enter to open the whois information page in the new tab.

A new page in the same Chrome tab will open with the whois information of the domain name you entered.

Hope this helps :-)