How to Share a Password Protected PDF File with Someone using Chrome Browser

Yesterday, a guy I know called me up from his office, asking how to share a PDF file which was password protected with someone else, without the password protection.

After a few seconds of brain search, I told him about two options which we could try, and I’m sharing the one with you which finally worked — the Chrome browser way.

Step 1

Open the password protected PDF file in Chrome browser, drag n drop, CTRL + O, what works.

Step 2

Once the file is opened and accessible in Chrome browser, press CTRL + P or click ‘print’ via right click menu or Chrome Options bar on top right.

Step 3

The Chrome browser will now open the Print preview window overlaying the PDF file. From there select these following options —

1# Destination — Save as PDF
2# Pages — All

Step 4

Click on ‘Save‘ on top left of the window, to save your PDF file in a new non-password protected version.

Your new PDF file is now ready to be shared with anyone.

Hope this helps.

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  • Techie

    simple yet awesome tip! Thank a lot!

  • Timothy Stroud