How to Quickly View Connected Devices with an MTNL WiFi Modem


You can quickly check which devices are connected to your MTNL WiFi modem with this bookmark in your web browser.

The Direct URL — Auto login

Click on the link text below to edit it inline.


Different parts of this URL explained.

admin — Your WiFi modem’s user_id
12345678 — WiFi modem’s password — The local IP Address of your WiFi router
basic/home_dhcplist.htm — The specific page which shows current pool of connected devices.

What does it do?

This links logs you in using the userid and password passed in the URL, and takes you directly to the page which shows the list current connected of devices.

Make it Work For You

Replace the example user_id, password with your working login credentials.

Change the IP if your modem has another one.

Load the link in current or better in an incognito window and bookmark it for easy access in future.

Hope this helps.

  • akshay verma

    great it works but i want to see currently connected or say active device, ca you help me out?

    • Akshay,

      It depends on which model of Modem / Router you are using with your MTNL connection. The ones MTNL usually gives with a new connection show devices which have connected since the Router was last switched on.

  • Dhruv Sahni

    What if someone using static IP configuration ? How to find connected users in this case ?

    • @DhruvSahni:disqus can you please elaborate the scenario?

  • Nikhil More

    Is it reliable for me to use the link given here? How do I know that someone won’t access the info I put into that link(admin name and password) and use it against me?

  • Kunal Koli

    why is it taking so much time to load

    • Probably due to the heavy load on your Modem. Try restarting it and then open the web page.