Give Me CRX – Chrome Extension


This extensions helps you to get source .crx extension file of any Chrome extension.

A simple right click on an extensions Web Store page lets you instantly get .crx source file of any Chrome extension.

P.S.: Please report bugs and/or provide suggestions to improve this extension :)

Get Give Me CRX Chrome extension here on Chrome Web Store.

Get this extension here on Chrome Web Store.

Update : this extension has been discontinued, though, you can still search for some good alternatives on the Chrome webstore here.


  • canghaiyoulongyao


    • I have checked the extension with a fresh install and it’s working like a charm.

      If you’re still facing this issue, then please share the steps to reproduce the errors.

      Hope this helps :-)

  • Michael Johnson

    thanks for this

  • Glad you found the extension helpful.

    As it appears your Chrome probably isn’t allowing installation of custom Chrome extensions (via drag & drop).

    Check out this post to enable the feature in your Chrome :

    Hope this helps.

  • Twooggy

    Any chance you can publish this crx somewhere else? Can’t add extensions to Chrome via the store on my pc.

    • Sorry, this extension is currently only available on the Chrome Webstore.

      • Денис Красько

        It would be really nice (if there any chance for this) to make it available on your site. The fact that it’s only can be downloaded via Webstore is ruining the whole concept of such an awesome extension.