How to Disable Notifications for Whatsapp and Other Android Mobile Apps


If you’re a sucker for notification like the likes of us, then you don’t want notifications on your phone which are undeserving of your precious attention.

This is a very simple way to disable notification for any (not all) app which is installed on your Android device.

Go to your device’s Launcher and onto applications grid. When you’re there, select the application (tap it and do not release) for which you want to disable notifications and drag in to Home screen and on top to App info, or what else term is used on your device for this same thing.


In this case, I selected the Messaging app (too many spam SMS notifications) as you can see in the screenshots below. Alternatively, you can also go to your device’s Settings, then Applications and select the app from there.



With all the hard work which you just did, you should land to that App’s device settings page, which provides you different options for that particular app among other nasty ones like Force Stop-ing that app or the brutal — Uninstalling it.

Under those two option, there is Show Notifications option. It’s checked (enabled) by default and if you have any power over this app, it should allow you to disable the notifications with a single tap.


Source for cover image


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