Since some time, I have been liking the idea of wearing glasses. I mean the look and feel of having glasses on me and I was thinking to get a pair with zero correction.

Yesterday on August 1, 2014 I received my first eye sight correction glasses from a local optical business. A day before, I went for an eye sight test, having them checked for the first time with serious machinery. I was surprised to have a high number on it. That made me ask a series of questions and I also shared all the information with the person in charge about daily pain in the eyes and irritation when I’m out doors.

Short story shorter, got lenses, got frame and got them in a single blue black piece. Looks good. I also look good in them. FTW! :)



After viewing a same image of calendar for the year of 2012, from somewhere online, I went on to create it’s HTML, CSS version, and I’m sharing it here with you.

I published this online sometime in March 2013. I really liked the color combinations and how this whole thing looks on a desktop.

How it Looks


It’s HTML, CSS, JS Version

You can view this calendar’s online version — here

I hope you like it on your PC.

P.S. — The rights of the original design are reserved with its original creator, not me.